Welcome to The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow!


I can't say enough good things about this nursing pillow. It is so fluffy and supportive and really conforms to your body. I've used it basically all day every day for the past 8 months and it's holding up amazingly. You need this pillow!


I love this pillow! The smaller ones in stores just didn't fit around me properly. This one fit and I could adjust it how I wanted to suit the baby's position and age. Used for two babies and it's still in excellent shape to use for the third.


I called last week to order another Baby Buddy pillow.  As usual your customer service was excellent and I have already received my new pillow.  This is the 5th one that I have bought.  I received one as a gift when my daughter was born and now I give as gifts to all my friends. 

Happy Mom from Vancouver BC